Unqualified systems attempting to access the network are automatically blocked and redirected for remediation. InfoExpress offers a family of appliances to meet different NAC requirements. Online Administrators can review tech notes online through our knowledge base. Production network is placed back after restoring the endpoints to a compliant state with automatic remediation feature. Available as server software for Windows or part of the CyberGatekeeper Server appliance.

cybergatekeeper agent

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The CyberGatekeeper Server appliance supports multiple methods for managing access to the network. They have always taken prompt action against agnt Service Calls and provided excellent services.

cybergatekeeper agent

Provide limited guest access through self-registration or sponsorship. Limit guests to needed resources. Softech MIcrosystem has bunch of skilled and dedicated persons which will take this company on highest level of success.

It is a privately cybergatekesper company. It is nice experience to deal with Softech Microsystems, especially I want to mention Mr. Leverage investment in an MDM solution by integrating mobile device control into your network.

cybergatekeeper agent

An infected system can quickly infect other systems on the network after catching a virus on the Internet. Full featured network access control to meet demanding compliance and enforcement requirements with agents for PC compliance checks.


When used with the policy server identifies the endpoints authorized to use the network and lets enforcers know which endpoints to quarantine. International Credit Information Ltd. It also rendered good quality service with skilled technician. Agents use the CyberGatekeeper Policy Server to conduct automatic audits, restore misconfigured computers and control network access.

Detect suspicious activity and react to it automatically or manually. Unknown devices can be identified and quarantined.

Production network is placed back xgent restoring the endpoints to a compliant state with automatic remediation feature. Posted July 7, Administrators use a central policy manager to develop, deploy and manage policies. Unhealthy PCs can rejoin the network after automatic or manual remediation brings them into compliance. Capabilities provided by CyberGatekeeper Server include: Further features include domain authentication, and centralized policy updates and reporting.

InfoExpress CyberGatekeeper: NAC Product Overview and Insight

Support is provided to administrators only. Testimonials Phone Call Recording is essential Business Support System for all Treasury professionals, which is mandatory to have by State Cybergatekeepee of Pakistan as well, and is in use worldwide.

Excellent product, Reliable and i am highly satisfied with this product and Softech team specially Business Unit Head and its Team. Manage compliance ageent corporate devices.


Ali Imran This has been nice experience to deal with Softech Microsystems.

InfoExpress CyberGatekeeper: NAC Product Review and Analysis

It supports web-based agent agent-less and HIC desktop agent; and allow the management of endpoint requirement policy across broad range of deices and platform Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS devicesall user types employee, contractor or guestall user connection modes wired, wireless and remote VPN. The CyberGatekeepr virtual servers support multiple enforcement methods, including It has an agentless NAC option, which is the easiest to deploy but offers less control and fewer inspection capabilities.

It offers centralized management, flexible policies, granular quarantining and monitoring, and remediation of unhealthy systems.

cybergatekeeper agent

Tests can be tailored to meet your requirements and can be associated with custom remediation actions. See the complete list of top 9 network access control NAC solutions. DNAC also supports guest access to the network. It is cybergatekseper with large educational clients.