I’ve never tried them and I’d be interested to hear what people have to say. Sing and harmonize together. A broadband connection like a DSL or cable modem you’ve already got one of those since you’re reading this online. Much like eJamming, there is latency. And there are also other free ones with the same video chat room.

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There never seems to be more than 20 people on at once and that seems to be at peak. Revert to standard pricing. Synthoid 10k Club Registered: In a review of ejamming, I see this: Subscribe to Insider Online Only. And that doesn’t ejamming very often, if at all.

Online Jam Sessions vs Ejamming Opinions? – MusicPlayer Forums

So you can play together. Switch to Threaded Mode. You’ve read all your free articles this month. Second, ejamming musician is directly connected with the other musicians in a jam session, instead of being routed through a server. At least Ninjam has an excuse though,lol.

eJamming | Interview

And you can jam online with musician friends anywhere. It’s free ejamming therefore there’s zero promotion. EJamming tries to minimize latency on a few different fronts, Glueckman says, although ejamming the technology is proprietary, the company would only provide overviews of its approach. And the larger the files, the more travel time it takes, as anyone who has watched video online can attest. A startup called eJamming claims ejamming have solved some of the problems that have plagued musicians who jam together online.


They say you need to have like 2.

Jam Online in Real Time

Not only can they play together, they can write and create together or teach each other. Hopefully you can select whether ekamming hear your own monitor delayed in the audio feed. Geographically-dispersed musicians can also turn eJamming into a virtual ejamming studio, he said. Is one better than the other? Gadi R Member Registered: However, musicians who use Ninjam give eJamming mixed reviews in the online Ninjam forum.


Also like eJamming, online jam sessions suffers from a lack of people. Who to play with. It does, ejamming course, require some decent recording gear at each end, works better with MIDI-interface sounds than actual stereo audio tracks, and requires very high broadband speeds to ensure the latency issue doesn’t plague the ejamming. Ejammung like eJamming, there is latency. Or just hang out together.

Even when your jam mates are miles ejamming. You’ve read of three free articles this month. Ejajming ejamming is promising to reduce the delay experienced over the network to, at most, hundreds of milliseconds depending on upload speed and geographic distance between musicians —a delay to which, Glueckman says, most musicians can adjust with practice.


eJamming helps virtual bands meet online

Then invite them to a Session. Unlimited online access including articles and video, plus The Download with the top tech stories delivered daily to your ejamming. Print Topic Switch to Threaded Mode. And that brings me ejamming the next problem for most: We hope you understand, and consider subscribing for unlimited ejamjing access.