Her son had been jailed by the Pakistanis. Like many of the contemptible collaborators of , one contributes to Azad’s arrest and disappearance. The story is about one of our freedom fighter Azad and his mother. That is how Maa wanted her epitaph to be, nothing else. A book fair has been organised during the entire period. Author Anisul Hoque talks about his powerful novel Maa.

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Resolute not to return she maa anisul haque to raises Azad on her own. Shohid Azader rokto britha jabena, Azader maaer attotyager rin shoudh korar etai shomoy. That is because these are very cohesive in the very places of the novel that they were totally worth putting in.

This is the story of Azads Maa but the vast plot of the book describes the true ordeal of the nine-month war in an unforgettable touch. This mother is Shafia Begum, our proud martyr Azad’s mother, whose sacrifice mirrors that of many other invincible mothers across the land, and resembles the country itself that went through so much agony for nine months of maa anisul haque unleashed by the Pakistani army, eventually sacrificing million people.

Seshe ajader mrittu khub e kharap lagche. Retrieved from ” https: And during that time, she entirely avoided eating rice.

His mother was very tenacious lady. It has been called a docu-fiction by Shahadat Maa anisul haque, but to me it is a literary reconstruction of history. After reading this book I feel the strong urge to know every single martyr and all those brave souls who fought, won and gave us freedom from Bloody Pakistanis.


She would not bend before the fear of losing a precious possession for the greater good, for upholding the rights of citizens, for the liberty of Bangladesh. Views Read Edit View haquue. I knew in my heart he was right. A great book, a novel, history, docu-fiction maa anisul haque you might want to call it Maa by Anisul Hoque is a work that will take the reader into the past and a maa way forward in feeling patriotism in the heart.

Like abisul of the contemptible collaborators ofone contributes to Azad’s arrest and disappearance.

Maa by Anisul Haque – Pdf Bangla Book Download

Author Anisul Hoque talks about his maa anisul haque novel Maa. Shafia’s husband tries several times to reconcile with her but she never compromises. More books from the Author. Way back inAnisul Hoque had published one of his most ambitious and widely researched projects, Maa. Anisul Haque is famous for this novel. This page was last edited on 31 Octoberat Azad once told his mother he aniusl write a book on her.

So you can download this book as the pdf file and also you can read this book online anytime, anywhere. The cover image of Maa Bengali edition.


He was a relative of the real-life Azad.

Maa By Anisul Haque & Tr. Suresh Balbanty

When he was in prison, Azad, for that maaa his name, had asked his mother for some boiled rice. And they deal with a wide variety of subjects. There is much danger and uncertainty but nothing diverts the mother from her focus.

George Harrison’s song gives a reader the sense of compassion for others, Tagore’s song ‘Aji Maa anisul haque hridoy hotey’ gives the true blend of mother and country one can imagine, or Shamsur Rahman’s poem reveals the beauty of independence and what it really means.

Azad, knowing how tormented his mother was, always wanted to write about her. Gradually her almost-fulfilled dream begins fading out.


The description flows from the writer’s own feelings and perceptions, so wonderfully portrayed that they overwhelm readers. His father was well known wealthy landlord of that time. That journey tells a story of love, courage, sacrifice, resentment, commitment, sadness, tears and triumph. April 4, at 5: Hoque will also be bringing out his next work.