For external inspections, paragraph 7. This ensured that each inspector did inspections exactly alike. Are the checklists in Appendix C copyrighted? Tanks larger than 30, gallons usually have manways to allow personnel entry. Inspection of aboveground storage tanks ASTs can be a critical compliance issue under the planning requirements of the U. Many states have adopted even more stringent inspection requirements, making knowledge of specific federal, state and local regulations of utmost importance.

sti sp001

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It required thousands of readings with some tank capacities.

Learn more about us. Are the checklists in Appendix C copyrighted? SP Standard Related Links. See the definitions within the standard for more specific questions related to size and material of construction.

sti sp001

This leads to an overlap in the scope of the tanks covered by the standards. External and internal formal inspections are to be performed by a certified inspector. The previous STI SP standard did not use a risk-based approach, but made the UT testing a requirement on all tanks in all conditions.

STI/SPFA > Fabricated Steel Products > Shop Fabricated Tanks > SP Standard FAQs

Test or inspect each aboveground container for integrity on a regular schedule and whenever you make material repairs. What fluids contained in tanks are covered ati the SPCC regulation? Why does STI SP require internal inspections when one cannot easily access the inside of a small shop-fabricated tank? Readings must be concentrated in areas where corrosion is likely to occur.

I have an insulated tank, and it will cost a lot of money and time to remove all of the insulation and then replace it. Examples of these integrity tests include, but are not limited to: No, but the rest of the standard is copyrighted. Contact Us Call today to discuss specific compliance needs for your site.


STI SP does not mandate entry into a tank for any tank under 30, gallonsliters. Corrosion under insulation is a serious concern because the collection of water due to a gap in the moisture barrier may lead to a previously undetected problem. You must determine, in accordance with industry standards, the appropriate qualifications for personnel performing tests and inspections, the frequency and type of testing and inspections, which take into account container size, configuration, and design such as containers that are: A certified inspector will understand the environmental, fire prevention, and life-safety issues involved.

We can help you meet these unique regulatory requirements. Examples of these integrity tests include, but are not limited to: If significant internal corrosion is sp01, further investigation using ultrasonic testing scans UTS is required. Our certified inspectors perform tank inspections per the SP protocol and provide a certified inspection report detailing all findings and recommendations.

In addition, you must frequently inspect the outside of the container for signs of deterioration, discharges, or accumulation of oil sto diked areas. You must keep comparison records and you must also inspect the container’s supports and foundations.

Tank Inspections

What must I do? If the tank has an API nameplate and is located at a facility at which all of the other tanks aregallons 1, liters or more, then API may be the better choice.


sti sp001

For tanks under 30, gallons, either internal inspections are not required, or else an alternative is given with the use of leak-test inspections. Inspection of non-portable, shop-fabricated plastic or fiberglass tanks is not included.

Tanknology Advanced Network for Compliance Services. In response, the Steel Tank Institute has developed a standard protocol, SP, governing these inspections for shop-built and field-erected ASTs sfi up to 50, gallons of fuel.

Tanks larger than 30, gallons usually have manways to allow personnel entry. The standard, now in its fifth edition, has been updated by consensus of tank owners, tank manufacturers and other industry leaders.

STI Publishes SP 6th Edition

Also included is the inspection of smaller, portable containers such as gallon drums, intermediate bulk containers IBCs and other such containers that may be of metal or plastic construction. Does the latest edition of the standard allow a tester to take one reading on the shell of the tank and claim he tested the stl for an area where corrosion was most apt to occur?

Records of inspections and tests kept under usual and customary business practices satisfy the recordkeeping requirements of this paragraph.