Before Rajiv can go after her, he receives a trunk call from his mother, and he is informed that Karuna is seriously ill. At the silver jubilee anniversary of the mill that his father, the late Sanjiv Lal opened, he announces a bonus of 5 lakh rupees for all the workers, annoying his mother. He tells the tenants that he is Rajiv Lal, although when he meets Bholaram, the latter informs him that Rani Maa had called him, and told him not to let Rajiv stay at the bungalow, should he come. A fight ensues, and Mohan runs off, Rajiv hot on his tail. Many years ago, Dinu had sold him off to Karuna for alcohol, and Rani Maa had taken him in. Kashmir Ki Kali The man turns out to be Mohan.

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Recommended by film’s lead Shammi Kapoor himself, originally duo Shankar-Jaikishan were to compose film’s music, however veteran composer OP Nayyar invited Samanta to listen to some tunes, which he liked.

His plan succeeds, although he is in a dilemma as his mother is furious at him. Nayyar and the lyrics penned by S.

Karuna tells Rajiv that he is not the real son of Rani Maa, and that his biological father is none other than her brother, Dinu. Rajiv returns home and sees all the girls — he correctly surmises that his tarif karu kya uski is getting him married, and he pretends to be a mute who walks with a limp in order to chase all the prospective suitors off. The next day, Rajiv meets Champa Sharmila Tagorea girl who sells flowers for a living. Dinu returns home and Champa questions him.


Meanwhile, Rajiv and Mohan get into a fight, and the police come to take the latter away.

The music was composed by O. Many years ago, Dinu had sold him off to Karuna for alcohol, and Rani Maa had taken him in.

Kashmir Ki Kali – Wikipedia

Kashmir Ki Kali Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon The film ends with a shot of Rajiv and Champa, happily married, driving away in his car. Most of the songs are romantic and were picturized on both Shammi Kapoor and Sharmila Tagore.

However, on the way, Kha tripped and fell, and loses his eyesight, so tariv does not kill the girl. Rani Maa comes in and finds Champa, and the two embrace.

Download Song Tarif Karu Kya Uski Remix

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After telling Bholaram to explain everything to Champa, he leaves for Bombay, and finds Karuna on her deathbed, with Rani Maa at her side. The film’s music was composed by O.

A servant at the house, Karuna Mridula Ranisuggests marrying him off tarif karu kya uski stop his immature antics, to which Rani Maa agrees. Things become complicated when Mohan finds out that Dinu is not Champa’s real father, and he blackmails Dinu into getting Champa married to him, or else he will let out the secret to Champa. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

He beats Mohan unconscious, and Mohan’s friend tells Rajiv who the girl is — Champa. Rajiv manages to convince Bholaram to tell Rani Maa that he is not there. Feeling betrayed, Champa runs off. Soon enough, after a few misadventures, they fall in love and tzrif to marry, but there are a few obstacles.


Tareef Karu Kya Uski (Intro) – Kashmir Ki Kali – Rafi – Easy Guitar Lesson For Beginners

Rajiv manages to escape from his captors, but Dinu is still usmi. Rajiv and Rani Maa head back to Kashmir tarif karu kya uski find out who the girl is, and Rajiv, acting on a tip from Bholaram, goes to confront Mohan. The police arrives soon after, and arrests all of Mohan’s goons. Ranjan Bose Ramesh Pant. He lies to her at first, but when Rajiv drops a krau that he is the son that Dinu had sold all those years tarif karu kya uski, the latter hugs him and admits that Champa is not his daughter.

Shyamlal informs the two that uxki day Karuna fell ill, a man from Kashmir had come to see her and asked about Rani Maa’s girl, but Karuna hadn’t told him anything. Soon after, Rani Maa gave birth to a baby girl, but Dinu abducted her, intending to kill her so that Rajiv will be the sole heir to Rani Maa’s wealth. Kashmir Ki Kali Film poster. One of his kyw suggests that he should go away to their bungalow in Kashmir — after all, Rani Maa never goes there.